AANR activists system Ready.

website operation system Version <2.1>


<Connexion active>

C:>// AS_A_NEW_REVOLT/system/Listening

C:>// AS_A_NEW_REVOLT/system/Propagand

<Program cancelled,erased from all systems/New generation, two point zero name

I don't want to obey do it ! give it away! Do it anyway! 

scream out loud and breath will be found

Always in excess! You believe in your success! holy shit! look at this! need data

Empire is on Fire!>

C:>// AS_A_NEW_REVOLT/system/Human Rights

<it's a new conspiracy "dog eat dog" state of mind we are so disinclined!

where is my mind

where is my mind !!!

where is my mind !!!

where is my mind

C:// AS_A_NEW_REVOLT/system/Noise

<Indoctrination! Explain me! who’s nation?! Breathe, smell the tension

No codes, no norms,All wrecking like the storms !

I  Will  tear my retina

Inject Naloxone! I try to set the tone>

C:// AS_A_NEW_REVOLT/system/Borders

<always trying to climb,repeated actions, an (the) Americana and Europeana plan

Brothers and sisters, clenched fist,

One two three, Fight And be free 

bring reaction! suitable, not like these dogs, You pretend to be gods

What is complicated, So complicated>

Supported commands are: